Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2018

Executive Profile

Persistence is The Key, is a nonprofit organization that Attorney Venisha Arnold started after speaking with a group of high school seniors about the importance of education.

“I had three students approach me and tell me that I inspired them to go to law school, one student told me he was very concerned about his reading comprehension skills and he thought that would stop him from getting into law school, my advice to that young man was if he persisted and did what he needed to do to improve his reading skills he could attend law school, but that might mean having the discipline to meet with a tutor daily if needed or missing out on social activities with his friends” Arnold said.

Persistence is The Key, focuses on promoting high academic achievement for students of all educational levels from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Individuals such as the young man Arnold spoke of are the types of students the organization wants to assist in overcoming mental roadblocks, setbacks and obstacles in life by persisting on with their educational goals. The solution that the organization provides is by connecting students with a long-term mentor that would keep track of the students’ academic success post-high school until the students ultimately attain their educational goal. Arnold further stated “Our mentors will be here for the long haul to make sure they succeed”.

Arnold said persistence applies to her life after dealing with the death of her lawyer father and persisting on with her life goals which included becoming an attorney, (she graduated from the same law school that her father graduated from) she sums it all up by saying “You can do anything you want in life, persistence is everything and my number one rule is to Never Settle in life go for what you want and do not stop until you get it!”

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Venisha Arnold is an attorney in Houston, Texas. Her professional background includes work in law, media and public policy. Prior to starting her legal career Venisha who also has a journalism degree has worked for media companies ESPN, Fox Sports Net, CBS Radio, and ABC. For more information about Venisha visit ‪‬