Published On: Wed, Jun 14th, 2017

Urban Outfitters Collaborate With FUBU


To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Fubu will distribute a capsule collection with the retailer Urban Outfitters.



The streetwear brand, which was cofounded by Daymond John in 1992, will celebrate its 25th anniversary by releasing a capsule collection with Urban Outfitters.
Fubu’s creative director, streetwear veteran Willie Esco, said the partnership isn’t considered a relaunch since the brand, which is still owned by John and Samsung, has never completely left the market. But this move is a way to introduce the line to the Millennial consumer who might have missed the landmark Gap commercial in 1999 featuring L.L. Cool J wearing a Fubu hat. According to Esco, John was initially hesitant about targeting that Millennial customer but eventually came around to the idea.
“I just didn’t know if the younger customer would understand or respect our value,” said John, who is now a regular judge on ABC’s hit series “Shark Tank.” “Where do we position it? I noticed the Nineties retro trend is hot, but how do we design it? Do we make it baggy? Do we put new logos on it?”
Esco decided to keep things classic. The unisex collection features Fubu’s two original logos, the FB that resembles the Warner Bros. logo and the embroidered box letters.

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